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"And let your best be for your friend. For what is your friend that you should seek
him with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live. And in the sweetness of
friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures."
-Kahlil Gibran, 1923 The Prophet

Our Valued Partners

Baja's Awesome Sportfishing is proud to partner with these outstanding businesses serving the sport fishing industry and recommend to you our neighbors providing stellar lodging, services and adventures to meet your East Cape needs and expectations:

Rental Homes & Condos

East Cape Rentals
Contact: Julie Marks
USA (530) 350-3161
A Baja Vacation

Casa Nevada
Vonage to Baja
Located in the beautiful
East Cape Casas
& RV Resort

Wolf Property Management
Office: (624) 124 8171
Nextel: (624) 188-30-29
US: 858 222 3539
Contact: Katinka
Wolf PM Rentals

Private Home Recommendations

North of Town
Casa de Dos Perros
VRBO # 326879
USA (408) 857-0049
View House

In front of the
Awesome moorings

Casa Baker,
East Cape Rentals

South of Town
Casa Valentine

Casa Linda Vista

Casa Carlee,

Casa del Sol
011-52 (624) 141-0381
USA (530) 350-3161
Casa Del Sol

Casa de Amigos

Casa Espiranza,
East Cape Rentals


North of Town
Hotel Pescadores
+521 624 121 8786
Hotel Pescadores

In Town
Hotel Los Barriles
Los Barriles Hotel

South of Town
Hotel Buena Vista
Hotel Buena Vista

Gran Sueno
Mexico & International:
(+52) 33.5004.0777
US & Canada Toll Free:
(+1) (888) 812.2162
Gran Sueno


Rancho Leonero
Toll-free USA/Canada:
Local San Diego area or
outside USA:
Rancho Leonero

Panga Fishing Partners

Hotel Pescadores
Contact Patti
+521 624 121 8786
Fish East Cape

Cuyuyo's Fleet
Contact: Isreal
NeedWebsite Link

Kitesailing Partners

USA & Canada:

Dive Partners

Vista Seasport
Mark Rayor
Vista Seaport

Transportation Partners

Turis Pancho
Contact: Octavio
Turis Pancho

RV Resort Partners

Baja's beautiful East Cape Casas & RV Resort
Vonage to Baja
East Cape RV

Tackle Partners

Scent Blazer


Recycling Partners

East Cape Recycling Baja (located in East Cape
Casas & RV Resort)


Q & A

A question and answer guide for your fishing day

What can I expect on my fishing day?

What do I do about lunch and beverages?

Do I need to bring my own tackle?

What are the rates for a 'Too Awesome' day?

What are the rates for an 'Awesome' day?

Do I need to have a fishing license?

Do you charge for Baitfish?

What is a standard gratuity charge?

Do you have any lodging recommendations?

What is your catch and release philosophy?