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"Today was a perfect day for hunting swordfish. I looked for fins until my eyes ached."
-Zane Grey, Tales of the Gladiator, 1926

Too Awesome

Awesome Sportfishing

At 32’ long with a wide 12’ beam, ‘Too Awesome’ is the cream of the crop for discerning East Cape fishermen. Equipped with two, 370-Cummins Diesels, her speed, responsiveness and handling will clean the clock of other boats this size. She sits sleek and sexy on the water, and boasts an especially accommodating layout. In addition to the two engine covers - the size of twin beds - that come in handy for resting between catches, above in the bridge is a 5-foot guest bench situated in front of the Captain’s helm. It’s a great viewing platform and social area as well as a good spot to be with the captain on the run in and out from the shore. A full cabin, full head, V-berth and dinette assure all the comforts needed for a beautiful day on the water. ‘Too Awesome’ easily meets the needs of demanding anglers, is perfect for families, friends and those that want to share an exceptional blue water fishing day on the remarkable Sea of Cortez.

Your Fishing Day

Assuring you have the best day possible on the Sea of Cortez is our goal and we work hard to let you know how much we value you as our guest aboard 'Too Awesome'.

An awesome fishing day is approximately 8 hours and begins at 6:45 am. On fishing mornings, please meet at our headquarters at East Cape Casas & RV Resort located across from the Modelorama tienda and behind Otra Vez Restaurant on 20 de Noviembre, Los Barriles’ Main Street.

We will deliver you the short 1000’ to the water’s edge then assist you into our awaiting 14’ Panga for a short shuttle to the fishing boat. Our hope is to ‘load and go’ getting you to the fishing grounds early. You and your fishing day are our priority and there is no ‘waiting your turn’ on a dock to board a boat.

Start the Day with Fresh Fruit Smoothies! What about Lunch & Beverages?

Theresa’s signature fresh fruit smoothies, packaged donuts and rolls will be on board to help you start your day.

Please bring your lunch and beverages. If you’d like, Awesome Sportfishing can arrange a delicious box lunch for approximately $10 per person as well as coordinate your beverages of choice on board. We are happy to meet your special requests - please ask!

Tackle & Filleting

We provide all the tackle you’ll need for catching fish. If you have your own gear, you are always welcome to bring it along and our deckhand will review it to assure it is ready for fishing. We want to manage your catch the best way possible to assure you the most delicious eating possible. As part of our service we will fillet your catch on board as soon as is practical after the fish is caught in order to put it on ice. Ice and a cooler will be on board for your catch. Please speak with your deckhand for any particular ways you’d like your fish managed or filleted.

Too Awesome Rates

  • 1-4 Anglers………$850
  • 5 Anglers…………$900
  • 6 Anglers…………$950

We like to encourage non-anglers to join their fishing friends and family in order to experience and enjoy the Sea of Cortez. Non-anglers may accompany 4 or more fisherman for $60 each up to a maximum of 6 people.
Non-anglers do not handle fishing rods.

Payment Procedures & Policies

A 25% deposit is required within 7 days to assure reserved fishing days. For your convenience you may pay with one of the following three options:

With a direct Deposit at any Wells Fargo Branch or a transfer for Wells Fargo Account holders:
To: Theresa Comber, Wells Fargo Account #2605658240

With a check to:
Theresa Comber
PO Box 3292
Hailey, Idaho 83333

With a Credit or Debit Card:
By calling 1-909-266-9707. There will be a 3% service amount in addition.

Final Payment:
Due in full with US dollars or Peso equivalent or Credit or Debit Card for all fishing days the day before the first fishing day. No checks or traveler’s checks are accepted in Mexico. Balance in full may be paid in advance using any of the three easy options above.

Cancellation Policy
Deposits for trips cancelled more than 45 days will be applied to a future trip. Based on the Captain’s decision, deposits may be refunded due to unsafe weather conditions only. Anglers choosing not to fish on reserved days will forfeit all deposits.

Tournament Fishing
We love to tournament fish and have deep experience and many wins under our fighting belts. Please factor in 15% to the price of each fishing day for major tournaments, defined by extended fishing hours when lines are out at 4 pm and scales close any time after 4 pm.

Licenses & Baitfish

In accordance with Mexican fishing laws, all anglers and non-anglers must have fishing licenses which can be purchased at our Awesome Sportfishing office.

The License fees are:
DAY: 229 Pesos
WEEK: 449 Pesos

Baitfish is in addition and will cost approximately $30 to $35 usd per fishing day.


We couldn’t be more proud of our captains and crew. They are professional, enthusiastic, well spoken and regard our clients as guests onboard their vessels. They will assure you the very best fishing day possible and their goal in addition to your safety and comfort is to catch fish. When our clients step off the boat at the end of the day and say ‘That was an ‘Awesome’ day’, we know it is in large part because our captain and crew have worked so hard. Providing a standard, minimum 15% gratuity will provide them with your thanks. You may be as generous as you’d like knowing that they are hard working professional fishermen supporting families and striving to do their best.

Your Lodging

Please notify us of your lodging location and call or check in the day before fishing. Based on the needs of your group, we are well versed in East Cape lodging options and are happy to provide recommendations for your stay as well as airport shuttles and restaurants.

Please see our 'Partners' tab for our recommended lodging options.

Our Catch & Release Philosophy for Billfish

Sea of Cortez billfish including striped, blue and black marlin, sailfish and swordfish are the most coveted of blue water game fish. We admire these incredible billfish and honor them in our seas as they are slow growing, migratory and are susceptible to by-catch in many of the world’s commercial fishing zones. We are proud to be members of The Billfish Foundation and hope you will join us by supporting our practice of catch and release on all billfish unless specifically discussed in advance with your captain or the fish fails in a fight.

Captain Adan Rojas Ruiz

Captain Adan Rojas Ruiz is considered to be the best fisherman to have ever worked the deck for Awesome Sportfishing. As much as we may have wanted to tie him to the deck, it was hard to keep a good man down especially when he had his eye on the bridge. After proving himself ‘awesome’ on the deck for two years, Adan took the Captain position on ‘Too Awesome’ three years ago. But don’t be surprised to see him morph out of the bridge and put his 15 years of experience on the deck to work for you, then morph back up again as though he never left it. Like Captain Luis, Adan is another multi-generational fisherman; his father is still commercial fishing and his brother-in-laws have his back out on the water. Adan loves fishing just about as much as he loves his family and three beautiful children – two girls and a namesake boy. When he’s not fishing above the surface, Captain Adan loves challenging himself with free diving and spear fishing, including for big game!

The ‘Too Awesome’ boasts a social bridge and adds to her popularity. As many as 7 people can comfortably enjoy the Sea of Cortez from this elevated platform and Captain Adan always welcomes up his onboard guests. Once there, if you’d like he’ll help you learn more about the hunt for our game fish. He’s got remarkably keen eyes; watch him watch the seas and you’ll have an indication of the years of experience and concentration it takes for him to spot the slightest surface difference that indicates a fish. Not only that, then he’ll be able to tell you exactly what kind it is, and if it’s one you’re looking for, odds are it’ll end up in the boat!

Our Captains Adan and Luis are great friends, they are incredibly talented and together they make up a great team. With a well developed ‘hand in glove’ symmetry they also like to fish together, so whenever possible we put them together. Don’t be surprised if you are on ‘Awesome’ with Captain Luis in the bridge and Captain Adan on the deck; or fishing on ‘Too Awesome’ with Captain Adan in the bridge and Captain Luis on deck!

Who’s Covering the Details?

When a sport fishing business is running smooth and easy, it must be because there is someone working hard and managing all the essential details and operations behind the scenes. For Baja’s Awesome Sportfishing, our ‘Details’ man is Omar Araiza. He’s always one step ahead of us, calculating our needs before we’ve even forecast them. He seamlessly provides exquisite customer service - on the phone, in the office, on the beach - yet is just as capable of sourcing parts from all over Southern Baja while filling up our diesel truck with 300 gallons of fuel and managing the lines on the shore. Omar is a Los Barriles born ‘local’, whose family is one of the anchors in the East Cape. With a Tourism Business degree from La Paz then spending 5 years in the Cabo San Lucas’ vibrant hotel business, he longed to return to the quieter pueblo life of Los Barriles to be with his fiancée, his brothers, his nieces and nephews and especially his son, mother and father. On his days off, Omar’s favorite thing is to fish alongside his father, who made his living on the sea.

These days Omar has joined his brother Noe (the restaurant manager at Smokey’s Bar & Grill) in their passion for protecting Baja’s sea turtles. Honored for the work they have been doing the past few years, summer and fall until just before Christmas Omar will be helping to shepherd thousands of Sea Turtles through their incubation and hatching, then carefully setting them loose to promote their successful return to lay their own eggs in 15 years’ time.

As good in English as he is in Spanish, Omar will always be the first to offer his assistance and stand by to assist you in any way to make your days ‘Awesome’!

What more?

Safety at Sea
Our Captains are in charge of their vessels and in charge of your safety and well being; they take their responsibilities very seriously. As a team they have decided that at all times while underway, they will appreciate your offer of a cold water, soda or snack, but not of a beer or any alcohol. Life jackets are found under the Captain’s benches and in the cabin of both boats in the compartments under the V-berth cushions. We just want you to know where they are - but we’re pretty sure you’ll never need them.

We need your eyes
Our Mother’s always say “Many hands make for light work”. The same principle applies while fishing – “Many eyes spot fish”. Although the four professional eyes we have on board with your Captain and Crew are peeled for spotting fish, your eyes and help are essential to the success of the day. They’ll welcome you pointing out, or shouting out, that you’ve spotted a fish!

The best day possible every day
We are committed to making it the best day possible, every day we are on the Sea of Cortez. Please let us know if there’s anything you need, any questions you have, or anything more we can do to assure that when you step off the boat at the end of the day, the first thing you say is ‘That was an AWESOME day’!

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